Third-Party Liability Recovery Solutions for Hospitals

Many patients received Charity because an unknown Third-Party Liability Insurer wasn't identified or disclosed at the time of service. Easily discover who those insurers are and collect your share of settlements without patient contact.

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Stop Missing Out on Settlements

Manually seeking settlement information from patients who've already received Charity is not only inefficient. It isn't allowed. To correctly identify the Third-Party Liability Insurers who've reimbursed Charity patients and recover what's owed to your hospitals, you have to automate your discovery process. This is why we created our TPL Claim Discovery Tool.

Unlock the Full Potential of Third-Party Liability Recovery

Use Scalable Tools to Search Large Volumes of Accounts for TPL Coverage.
Recover Your Portion of Settlements Without Any Patient Contact.
Boost Third-Party Liability Recoveries by Approximately 20%.

What Our Clients Are Saying

This one addition to our Revenue Cycle process has made a world of difference, ensuring we're on top of our game and catching everything owed to us, which enables us to continue offering the best service to our patients.

Michelle Conley

Revenue Integrity Coordinator
Unity Health

Discover Claims made it easy to find patient revenue we didn't know was there. There's no doubt they know the business, and thankfully, their automatic processes require very little support. This allows us to focus our attention in other areas while still recovering maximum reimbursement from Third-Party Liability.

Steve Friedman

Director of Vendor Management & Systems Support
Westchester's Bon Secours Charity System
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It’s Time Your Hospitals Got More

Every year, your health system loses millions of dollars giving free and uncompensated care to patients who eventually get paid from legal actions but fail to notify your teams causing your health system to miss out on funds it has already earned.

If you’ve ever wondered what $5M, $10M, or $20M+ of additional cash could do for your hospitals and your patients, become a client today and find out.

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It’s Time Your Hospitals Got More from Third-Party Liability

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