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To continue to innovate as the original, preeminent provider of Complex Third-Party Liability (TPL) and Mass Tort / Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) Discovery Analytics within the U.S. Healthcare Delivery System, providing TPL and MDL discovery analytics and related business intelligence to the communities serving the healthcare provider and self-insured employer verticals.

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As a trusted source of meaningful Complex Third-Party Liability (TPL) and Mass Tort Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) Discovery Analytics and related business intelligence, become a conduit for recovery optimization and related expense reduction to help U.S. healthcare providers and self-insured employer-sponsored health plans meet their respective financial goals and objectives.

Complex Third-Party Liability (TPL) Discovery Analytics

Hospitals lose millions of dollars from bad debt and charity care write-offs that have unknown third-party payment sources associated with the care rendered due to the absence of sophisticated methods that reveals these unknown payment sources. Primarily driven by personal injury related legal actions, these payment sources are not readily apparent and can take up to three years from the date of injury to materialize.

the tpl solution

Discover Claims has developed a proprietary suite of Complex TPL Discovery Analytics® that can be applied to a hospital’s current and legacy uncollected accounts data to reveal these legal actions, related activities, and payment sources. This unique technology can be applied in a variety of ways:

As an adjunct to traditional Insurance Discovery solutions
Primary or Secondary Bad Debt, Charity Care, and Self Pay TPL/MDL Discovery
Complex TPL Discovery Business Intelligence to more effectively manager current vendors

Discover Claims’ proprietary Complex TPL Discovery Analytics® deploys sophisticated machine learning across a variety of large, disparate data sources to reveal unknown third-party payment sources within a health system’s written off Accounts Receivables. These third-party payment sources can be categorized by degree of difficulty to monetize:

Low Degree of Complexity → Quickly monetized (30-90 days)
Moderate Degree of Complexity → Moderate time to monetize (180-360 days)
High Degree of Complexity → Continuous monitoring & specific expertise to monetize (180 Days – 5years)

Complex Mass Tort Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) Discovery Analytics

The MDL Problem

Most healthcare systems are leaving significant revenue on the table every year by failing to exercise their legal recovery rights related to multidistrict litigations(“MDLs”). MDL verdicts and settlements are “lienable events” which enables a hospital to file alien to recover monies owed for care provided but not reimbursed relatable to the MDL in which the patient is a claimant. Many MDLs have six-figure average settlement values.

The MDL Solution

Complex MDL Discovery Analytics® identifies potential MDL revenue by using algorithms to discover existing MDL claimants in active litigations for which the hospital or healthcare system may file a lien. MDLs are specifically designed for multiple litigations from different jurisdictions with similar injuries and exposures are consolidated in a federal district or filed in state courts to efficiently manage cases. Unlike class action litigations, if an MDL case results in a verdict or settlement, each plaintiff is compensated according to their individual damages. MDL verdicts and settlements are “lienable” events for healthcare systems.

Product Liability

MDLs arise when drug, medical device and consumer products manufacturers fail to take proper precautions to safeguard the public, resulting in similar illness or bodily harm to large victim pools. MDLs typically involve allegations against the manufacturers due to “failure to warn,” or deceptive marketing allegations. Common issues of use/exposure and injuries are present for each MDL. Cases do not incur professional or hospital liability; the named defendants are the manufacturers of the applicable medical device, consumer product, or pharmaceutical.

Healthcare-centric MDLs refer specifically to those causes of action which are relatable to injuries alleged to have arisen from exposure to a defective drug, medical device, or consumer product.

MDL Settlements

Are paid by the manufacturer (defendant) and can be facilitated on a ‘global’ or ‘inventory’ basis: block settlements with law firms that represent a large numbers of specific MDL cases. Most MDLs maintain a Private Lien Holdback set aside embedded within the structure of the settlement, designed to specifically respond to financial lien obligations (e.g., billed charges that sit behind the uncompensated care related to treating a patient’s injuries related to the MDL for which a provider has a right to recover). Private lien holdbacks are typically valued at 25% to 35% of the Average Settlement Value.

Executive Team

Ron Calhoun
Chief Executive Officer
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Billy Ayoola
Director TPL Operations
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Carol Burkhart
Director MDL Operations
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Allen Hunsucker
Director Product Development
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Joanne Grace
Client Relations Manager
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