Allen Hunsucker

Director of Product Development

Allen Hunsucker’s experience in the tech-driven evolution of the healthcare and finance sectors forms the foundation for his current role as Director of Product Development for Discover Claims, where he leads a team of talented developers. Together, they focus on creating innovative product development initiatives, including a pioneering engine and analytics platform aimed at identifying third-party liability claims. This collaboration highlights a shared commitment to improving operational efficiencies and financial outcomes in healthcare, showcasing the synergy between Allen’s leadership and the expertise of his team.

Allen’s professional journey began at MedData in 1997 where, as the original technical resource and head of development, he played a pivotal role in transforming the company into a leading eligibility clearing house in the United States. Allen's strategic vision and leadership facilitated the company's growth through organic development and the integration of technologies from acquired companies, significantly broadening its market presence.

During his tenure, MedData developed sophisticated proprietary data networks, supporting over 4,000 physicians' offices, and formed partnerships with 130 integrated healthcare networks and 150 major healthcare payors. Under Allen's direction, the company processed over 100 million real-time transactions in 2009, demonstrating the effectiveness of the solutions implemented by his team.

After the acquisition of MedData by TransUnion in 2009, Allen played a crucial role in the transition, dedicating three years to oversee the integration of technologies and services, ensuring continuity and operational excellence.

As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Cadrillion Capital, Allen applied his vast experience to drive innovation and strategic growth, further proving his capability to lead and inspire a team in advancing significant technology initiatives and contributing to the company's success.